“Are your products ok for sensitive skin?”

All Cincere Beauty products are created specifically with sensitive skin in mind! Our products are all vegan, natural, and organic. Cincere Beauty products are diverse in that they are made for all skin types and conditions. 

“How do I apply these products?”

Enclosed in each of our packages, you will find a "How To" card. This card is your guide to your Cincere Beauty experience.  Be sure to read the card carefully, follow the directions, and enjoy.

“What should I do if I experience a break-out?” 

Please terminate all use of the product for it may not agree with your skin! To further help you avoid this, please be sure to read the ingredient list to avoid all allergic reactions. Should you experience any severe reactions, please seek medical attention. 

                                "When will my package be shipped?" 

All packages are shipped out the Monday following restock date!

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